3 Unique Tools To Clean And Detail Your Automobile

Posted on: 18 March 2019

Regular maintenance and safe operation are important if you want to protect the function and value of your vehicle. However, ensuring the vehicle's interior and exterior are clean and in good condition is also necessary for its value and appeal. Washing, waxing, and completing a detail on the vehicle's interior is smart. This guide will teach you a few unique hacks for maintaining the look and value of your vehicle's interior and exterior.

Squeegee Tool

While it may be most common for use on windows, mirrors, and glass shower surrounds, a squeegee tool can be an excellent tool for cleaning your vehicle's upholstered seats. If you have pets that leave behind hair on your upholstered seats and floors, the squeegee tool can be even more helpful.

To get started, spritz a small amount of water on the upholstered areas covered with pet hair. You do not have to soak the upholstery with water – a little goes a long way.

Once damp, the upholstery can be cleaned with a squeegee tool. Run the rubber blade of the tool across the upholstered areas and watch the pet hair be pulled right up off the seat/floor.

Olive Oil

Even if you clean your vehicle regularly, dirt, dust, hair, and dust will build up on the interior quickly over time. Vinyl or leather cleaner are both effective options, depending on the material used in your own car, but one ingredient most people have in their home is also a good option to use – olive oil.

Again, a little goes a long way, so apply a few drops of olive oil to a clean, microfiber cloth. Run the cloth over the dashboard and other vinyl or leather areas.

The olive oil will remove any light residue, but it will also shine, moisturize, and enhance the look of your vehicle's interior with ease.

Cooking Spray

Most drivers will notice dead bugs, insects, and other stubborn debris stuck on their vehicle's exterior. This debris is most common in the front grille and detailing of the vehicle. If left in place, this stubborn debris can discolor and even rust or corrode areas of your vehicle, decreasing its appeal and value, so removal is imperative.

Check in your pantry for a can of cooking or baking spray, which helps prevent food from sticking and burning onto your cookware. After washing and drying, spray a small amount of the cooking spray onto any stubborn residue that will not come loose with basic washes. Wipe the residue away with a sponge or cloth. 

Of course, regular washing and detailing is also a must to keep your car in top condition. Visit a local car wash to make this task easier.