What Does Car Detailing Entail?

Posted on: 12 May 2022

Keeping a car looking its best is important for both preserving its appearance and preventing physical deterioration. Most of the time, vacuuming and washing the vehicle will more than do the job. Over time, however, grime, road salt, and other forms of filth can accumulate. Likewise, the finish can lose its luster due to UV exposure.

How do you quickly restore a car's looks? You might need to ask a professional car detailing services provider to give your ride some attention.

What does car detailing entail, though? The following four common services are available as a package or separately at most shops so let's take a look.

Exterior Washing, Waxing, and Polishing

The most basic task is to clean the exterior of the car. Fortunately, folks in the car detailing business have access to detergents that work well at removing grime without harming the paint job. Even if there's something like road tar on the paint, there's a good chance the detailers will have some trick for making that go away.

Waxing is another important part of treating the exterior. A wax job can clear remaining debris off the surface. It also provides an additional layer of protection between the paint and the elements of the outside world like sun, dirt, and precipitation. Once the detailer has applied the wax, they can then polish the surface to a gorgeous shine.

Clarifying the Lenses

The lights on a car have protective lenses. However, these lenses can get dull over time. If you've seen your headlights getting dimmer, there's a chance it might be because the lenses are starting to cloud a bit. You should have a professional car detailing shop clarify them with a polishing compound every few years. Not only will the lenses look better, but you'll get more output from the headlights and reduce the overall risk associated with driving at night.

Interior Cleaning

Car detailing often involves work inside and out. A car detailing services shop can vacuum the interior. If necessary, they also can scrub and dry the seats, floor, trunk, and other surfaces. Some cases may even require stain removal work, which can be a bit tricky in extreme instances.


Unpleasant smells can develop in cars for reasons ranging from humidity to people having too many drinks at a wedding reception. Regardless, deodorizing a closed space like a vehicle interior is important. A detailer can track down sources, clean the area, and deodorize the compartment. Look into car detailing for more information.